Stumbleupon – A powerful tool

Stumbleupon is a recommendations service based on users‘ discoveries and votes. It’s founded in 2001 and since then it managed to be sold to e-bay and back again to it’s founders ! Nowadays it has nearly 10 million members and a lot of users. In Europe, it starts to get known, as the few who knew about it started to spread the news.

The concept is simple : The user chooses his/her interests and „stumbles upon“ web sites that other users with the same interests discovered and voted. It is the first time with such a service, that the recommendations are given by the people and not by programming scripts… This fact, together with the messaging and profile creation features that it has, make it , also, a very powerful Social Networking Tool ! In the US it is used more and more for marketing reasons also. It is a great way to have a digital feedback and promote campaigns or products. Many „Big“ info and trend sites use Stumbleupon to gain content and many individuals and agencies try out the responce of the public on their products and info with Stumbleupon. The best thing is that the pages „get“ the click in anyway and if the user doesn’t like it, he just goes to the next one.

So just Sign Up and try for yourself;  just be careful : Many people lost their sleep and some even their marriage because of it…

Kategorie: Interactive