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Alex Costiuc is our Digital Assets Designer – Developer at Wunderman Production. He is focused on banner production for Ford. This Moldovan guy has a lot of to offer so enjoy the interview with him. Alex spent 1 week of YOU swap internship in Ogilvy, where he have worked on web site projects, improving his HTML/CSS/JavaScript knowledge. See the beautiful combination of IT guy and Artist in one person. 

YOU Swap is an internal exchange program for Wunderman, where our people regularly visit foreign affiliates and share their know-how and experience. We are constantly working on a #CreativelyDriven #DataInspired philosophy.

Alex, what do you like the most about your work here?
I’m an artist in heart and for me is very important to see art in all what I do. But I’m web developer either and as I love art and Photoshop, I love IT and HTML5. Somehow I can combine it both here. Very nice example of that combination could be current dynamic banners for The Ford Motors Company.    

Dynamic banner in time…

Could you dig a bit deeper into this Art-IT combination?
I’ve started with the web development in 1997 in Moldova, one of the first years when the Internet came there. And from 1995 I’m in love with Photoshop. I studied Interactive Media in College and Art approached high school where I even won the “Country Olympic Games” in art in Moldova. I’ve sold some of my art on Redbubble couple of times. And last but not least, I’m developing small game. It’s all about art and IT skills together and I really like it.

You‘ve spent 1 #YOUswap week in Ogilvy, our WPP partner. How would you compare it to “W”?
They have a bar inside in the atrium :-). The tasks were very different from those which I do here in “W”, not so interesting for me. We do a lot of small fast projects like banners and they work mostly on long-term projects, web sites for example. But it was really interesting to see more perspectives how you can face the problem. Moreover Ogilvy is smaller and not so international. And I’m not Czech so.   


How would you describe “W” to your friend?
We do advertisment and we are the biggest on the Czech market. Anyway, for me are the most important people and relationships with them in the team. That’s why I like it here, people smile and environment is quite nice, though I would prefer bigger kitchen on my floor, but it’s not a big deal. And I would add that Wunderman is a first big company that I work at and I am quite satisfied :-).  

Looking backward, what was the biggest fuck-up you have ever done?
I definitely did some, but not any big mistakes. And if it has happened, I fixed it very fast :-).

On the other hand, what kind of advice was the most precious for you?
They told me to be more self confident as people think that I am afraid to move forward. The truth is that if I do something it means I like it and don’t wanna do anything else. And if I really would wanna something, nothing will stop me :-).


What’s your dream?
I have many of them. And I won’t tell any of them. Dreams, you know.

So at least 5 year’s goal for Alex?
It’s not so much about the goal, as it’s more about the path that I would like to follow. I wonder about English speaking country and developing all those activities that I love to do in my leisure time. Game development, interactive stuff and some bigger project to cover it all.

Finally, your message for Wunderman people?
To be more happy to work here, try to do what you like and don’t look back. Just forward.

Many thanks Alex! 

Alexandr Costiuc (29): Actually everyone calls him Alex. He has been working in the Media Production Team for two years as a HTM5 Developer. It means he has a technology background so he can code/program and animate banners, works with various strange-named tools and applications and in cooperation with designers and art director finalize both – central and local production of banners. He grew up here very fast and he has deep knowledge in his area, always willing to help to other colleagues or provide consultancy services to Project Managers.



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