From Madrid to Prague

LUISA MERCHANTE is Data Analyst from our Wunderoffice in Madrid who came to Prague thanks to the #YOUswap program. Read the story about 12 years in Wunderman and her expertise at multi-channel campaigns, return on investment, profitability of CRM programs, customer segmentation, application of geomarketing in communication strategies and attribution models. Luisa works for different clients such as Cetelem, Iberia, Costa Crucero or Ford. 

YOU Swap is an internal exchange program for Wunderman, where our people regularly visit foreign affiliates and share their know-how and experience. We are constantly working on a #CreativelyDriven #DataInspired philosophy.

Luisa, you’ve came to Prague from Madrid’s office last week. What was the first thing to compare once you came here?
In the office? Definitely dogs. In Spain we are not allowed to bring our dogs to the office and I personally don’t know any spanish company where you could do it. That was great to see it here. Moreover Prague’s airport which was very quiet and calm. As I came from very busy, loud and crowded Barajas.

This is you first time in Prague. What was the most impressive for you so far?
Regarding the office that there are no phones in the there. In Spain there is a phone on each table and it’s ringing all the time. It’s very good that everyone has a headphones here. On the other hand, Prague’s office is a little bit dark.

And from the city?
Definitely architecture. You have many different types of buildings and architecture on the very short distance. I saw cemetery and not very far away another one, but in a totally different style. You can see the history of the city and maybe even the country in one evening. Beautiful buildings, modern architecture and sign heading you back to 1968. I really like it and it’s abig difference to Madrid city.

Lennon wall in Prague

Why do you think they chose you for #YOUswap?
I work for “W” for over 12 years so it could be the first explanation. 🙂 Moreover I’m mostly in a good mood and my job is interesting enough to be shared. As “W” wants to grow analytic persons and share the data know-how, it’s useful to see how we do it and inspire each other.

What was the “YOU swap lesson learned” for you?
YOU swap gave me a chance to see tools which you use here. We even compared the processes behind the data analysis. In Spain I’m responsible for data mining, their analysis and even presentation itself. In Prague it’s all separated so it was interesting to compare those two attitudes how to cope with the same problematic. Even more, you are more strict regarding the times and delivery, so you have to be very quick here. 🙂

What do you think about this project?
I know about it from January. And overall, it’s a great opportunity to learn more from global know-how. We are so focused on our day to day job and clients that we don’t see that we work in such a huge company. So we neither see what opportunities Wunderman gives us.

On the other hand, any recommendation how to make it even better?
I would prefer more structured 2 weeks programme with defined steps and goals that should be accomplished.

You have spent 12 years in “W” so far. Could you tell us the story and some milestones on your “W” way?
I studied data-focused University and came to “W” for internship firstly. I met a very intelligent people and very good professionals who are always willing help you to improve and to share their knowledge. Heavy workers either. So I stayed :). And I’m keen on data analysis all that time. With one big difference, that the speed of processes has changed from 3 weeks in Access to three hours in other tools. With less errors, for sure.

How has the market changed during that time?
It’s all about technology and programming now. More and more. Before it was just about statistics. Size of the database increased enormously and it opens new horizons. For example analysis of digital behaviour of customers. It’s totally new and we are able to track it now.

If you compare prague and Madrid office, where’s the difference for you?
Prague is more sporty. You are used to lunch at restaurant much more. And as I saw your fresh vegetable boxes from the farmer, I want the same for our office now. 🙂

And people?
We are more passionated for sure. All those kisses, shouting and smiling. You look more relaxed and calm, but with less emotions behind it.

What was the biggest fuck-up you have ever done? And learnings out of it?
Mistakes can happen in my work sometimes. But what I have learned is definitely to stop things at the right moment. Sometimes you just don’t want to see that it can be a dead-end way.

What’s your dream?
I want to repeat this life experience. Work abroad at the same field. And one day I want to be teacher. That’s why I like to work with people. Moreover I think that teaching and learning are the most important things in our lives.

Last question, Luisa. If you have any message for Wunderman people?
Try the most from Wunderman! Use some of all those “W” sources and people who are around. We have technology, we have tools and it’s hard to see it on the day to day basis. Take half an hour to see what Wunderman offers to you. “W” is also great place for women with all the support and opportunities to grow.

Gracias y mucha suerte! 

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