How to best combine work and personal life? Find your order and set your limits, Honza Vacek advises

He is constantly optimistic and full of energy. How can the boy manage all that, you would ask. He works, takes care of his five-year-old daughter and of his household alone. Plus he does sports actively, creates motion design and often brings us such pancakes which not even your grandmother can make. Where does he take time and energy for all this?  The Video Art Director Honza Vacek found a recipe for a balance between challenging work and personal life.

Jan, you have worked as the Video Art Director since last year. What does your job involve and for which clients do you work? How long have you been doing this job?
I have been in Wunderman for four years. I am the Senior Video Art Director and I work mostly for international clients. Before that I was the graphic designer here. I work with 3D visualisations and normal animations and my primary task is to help and supervise the team to ensure that our work is all right and in good quality. It is a big challenge and responsibility at the same time.

I hope that I will be here for another 30 years, I don’t want to go anywhere else. I want to move on here and educate myself. I have not a single reason to leave. I found my best friend here. What more should one want?

Work, child care, etc.  How long did it take you to find this system?
From the very beginning, when I started working in Wunderman, I was jogging and exercising. When Laura was small, I could take her to work with me. And then, when she started going to the kindergarten, I set up a system that works. I also work at weekends, I’m constantly looking for something, learning and trying to help the guys in our team, so that their work easier is for them.

What does your day look like? Do you have a fixed plan?
Every day is the same for me. Getting up, dressing up, preparing bags for exercising, breakfast for me and my daughter Laura. Then I try to stuff her in some clothes – she is choosing what she wants to wear and you sometimes needs good nerves – women, you know. 😊 Then we go to kindergarten and I go to work. At half past eleven I usually go exercising with my colleague. I have lunch, which I may cook one day in advance, only then. I leave my work and go to pick up Laura at around five. It is only on Friday or when my babysitter drops out that I leave earlier. I manage do my job also by phone or via Skype – I can work from anywhere when needed. On top of that, everyone is extremely friendly here.

Someone will always say they have no time. But you don’t seem to be lamenting. You seem to be able to bring everything together.
Time is relative. Everybody says they don’t have time, but they do useless stuff, things that are not important. It’s about priorities. I like cooking, so I find going for lunch with my colleagues useless. I am a fan of a healthy and fresh diet which I prepare myself – it takes me half an hour.

What do you think is crucial for keeping a life-work balance?
Setting your limits. You must have sharp elbows even at work. You of course need to submit high-quality work without mistakes, but also set your limits, so you don’t let your work overwhelm you. Everyone has his or her capacity that is manageable. But when we cross it, we are in stress and late, so the quality will suffer. You have to set an order. Nobody will do it for you. And don’t let others take all the steam out of you.

Do you also use any kind of technological innovations which make your work easier?
I bought a better phone with a big screen, so I can check videos also on the phone. I am using it a lot – actually also the video about my working day in Wunderman was all made on the phone. Many times there is not need to open my laptop.

Can you truly imagine that you have a job with fixed working hours?
No. Or, well …. anything goes. Today’s time should however go more in the direction of trust to people. There could be even more of home office work. In Wunderman you officially two days a month for this, but anything can be arranged here. When I have meetings, it doesn’t matter from where I send the work, whether from the office or from home.

„Regenerate“ is a slogan in sports which holds. What do you do when you want to relax and refresh your mind for a moment at your work?I have coffee, speak with colleagues and enjoy myself. 😊

You have worked in Wunderman for a long time. What do you most like about your job?
There is a nice gang of people in here and an overall friendly climate and a personal approach. When I was starting and had to do everything myself for Laura, lots of people were helping me, including the managers. I tried to return this to them through my work or through pancakes and/or by spreading good mood.

Wunderman offers many benefits from the multisport card to massages to education. What benefits do you mostly use?
Coffee (laughing), fruits and occasionally this or that biscuit. I like our cleaning ladies a lot. They take care of me and so does the HR department. It is small things people usually fail to appreciate. But I thing they are just cool.

Honza Vacek has been with Wunderman since 2014. He started in Core with such clients as Fischer, Globus, České dráhy, Sony … Last year he moved to Wunderman\MSC where he can every day enjoy the climate of international projects thanks to such clients as Shell, Ford and Microsoft. Honza rules animations, videos and their editing. But at the same time, he can well combine his work with the care of his daughter Laura and preparation of challenging endurance races as such the marathon, triathlon or Iron Man. 

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