Video and animation of the future? Will data and automatization take over?

Ondra Poštulka works as a motion designer in Wunderman and he creates cool videos and animations for our clients. What will be the trend in the area of videos? Where is it all heading?

Except for his love for animation, Ondřej has another love – games. He is planning WunderGames for his colleagues, an event, when they can play board games, get away from the digital world, enjoy themselves and get to know other colleagues.

You work as a motion designer in Wunderman, what does the work involve? So, creating videos are your day-to-day routine?
I’ve been working in Wunderman for exactly a year. When I was looking for a new job, I coincidently got two jobs at once. Wunderman won and to this day I don’t regret my decision.

And now to my position. The work of a motion designer is similar to the work of a classic 2D graphic except that the motion designer’s output “moves”. In our team we create mostly animation, edit videos, adaptation, etc. I like to say that our work is 25 times harder than the work of a graphic designer (because 25 shots a second makes a video, ha ha). This is very simplified, of course, and I think I will get a hard time from my colleagues for it, when they see me…

How did you get to creating graphics and videos?
I don’t know exactly. It happened some time in 2006 during the event A Night Full of Trailers. As you can see from the name, it was mainly about trailers, which are the main reason we visit cinemas (we sometimes don’t really care about the movie).

And while watching the famous trailer for the movie 300 (“This is Sparta!”) I realised two things…it’s cool to be a spartan and mainly, that I would quite enjoy doing video, motion graphics caught me and didn’t quite let me go.

Do you have any tips and tricks that make the work of a graphic easier? Do you have any inspiring websites, where you gain new knowledge?
The community of graphic designers is big around the world and it never ceases surprising me how much people share stuff for free and for commercial use. It’s a way of sharing the creativity with the world and I really like this trend. When we exclude the source of all knowledge Youtube, then there was the site at the beginning of my career. Andy is a cool guy and he did so much for the community. So, if you’re interested in motion design, certainly visit this site!

Where do you think the trend in the area of graphic design is heading?
That’s a tricky question and I will answer it in my own way. Trends are created by people with their views, maybe even their dreams. My personal vision is combining data and programming. We see it even nowadays, to a certain extent (for example during elections or in any kind of news).

The same technical approach should be implemented into the work of the agency. In short, it is mainly about creating templates (with scripting), work with data (outputs from databases, etc.) and the following automatization.

My goal would be to create video content with certain elements (animation, pictures, colours, fonts) that would be variable and dependent on the entrance data. Something similar works with, for example, banners. I would like to transfer it into video and mainly into the programmes from the family Adobe (Adobe After Effect).

So, I believe, that more and more clients will be brave enough to try something new and untraditional…

Graphics, creating videos is sort of a game, isn’t it? Does it mean you’re a gamer? You like to play games.
You could say that but more than a gamer, I think I am a dreamer. I love reading fantasy and from that it’s only a step away from living an epic adventure in the comfort of my home. It’s connected with creativity. Games are a form of relax. A break but also a stimulant. When somebody is working with their head, they can’t turn it off in their free time…

My big dream is to design a game myself, just for me and a few friends, and then conquer the world with it. But there’s still time, first of all, I need to play a lot myself!

You even put together figurines, tell us more about it…
I got to board games by chance thanks to my good friend and classmate from high school (I owe him a lot of things like my first pub, my passion for games and my lack of finances).

He introduced me to a thing called wargaming. Simply, it’s a combination of modelling and acting out huge battles. We put together the models for the games, we colour them and after manoeuvring them from the shelf to the battlefield, we destroy them (there isn’t a sight more tragic than when a metal figurine falls from the table).

You could write a lot of stuff about wargaming. There is a solid following in Czechia and abroad that you can recognize by their fear of light (the most famous Prague game room is called The Ogre’s Den), knowledge of statistics and probability (whose all six dices landed on one, know what I’m talking about) but most of all by their determination and diligence. Amazing things are created thanks to this hobby at the expense of many hours of work.

And that was the reason that lead me to board games. Wargaming was on hold for me for a while and I just couldn’t find the strength to continue. So, I started to concentrate on something more “instant” and I discovered the world of modern board games. I slowly got all my friends and my fiancée involved (with this I want to thank you for your patience).

So, playing games is now your hobby. What is more, you’re planning WunderGame, a meet up in Wunderman, where the employees can come in the evening to relax and play board games. Who came up with this idea?
I came up with this idea. But I started planning it only after I bothered everyone if they want to play a board game at work. I found out that there were similar events before. And because nobody looked like they want to plan it, I transitioned from the phase “bothering colleagues” to “I will organise it myself”.

And now seriously, board games are the perfect occasion when you can get to know your new colleagues (from different teams and departments) and to strengthen social bonds with those I already know. Not always do you have to strengthen the team spirit in a pub.

What can your colleagues look forward to? What games do you plan to play and where can they sign up?
The event will take place on 18th July from 17.30 on the Roof. The goal of this first event is to map out the interests of my colleagues. If you want to come, write me a mail  so I can choose the games according to the number of participants, to ensure everyone is having fun and learns something.

Apart from that, I’m planning to bring some bigger games just “for show”, so that they can look through them and ask me how they’re supposed to play them. I will gladly explain everything and if the event is successful I would gladly organise them on a regular basis.

You’re from a generation that prefers computer games. So why board games?
That’s a simple answer, I was tired of the anonymity of online computer gaming (there were some exceptions, like the LAN party – may they rest in silicon peace). So, I decided for myself, that I want to see people in person.

It has its disadvantages, you can’t really let yourself go when meeting face to face. And if you’re a sore loser, so I have to be careful with my behaviour. You can gain a lot but you can also lose your friends fairly easily.

You’re really invested, are there any game clubs, events that anyone can come to?
I’m a small fish in the big sea of board games, there’s a huge community of people that not only play for themselves but they organise playing for others. I visited an event last year and I’m planning on going this year. It’s called Žižcon and it’s an amazingly organised weekend full of board games and playing, where there are trainers for certain games. So, I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

But similar festivals are practically in every bigger city, the same goes for specialized game rooms. I can recommend the already mentioned Ogre’s den (I recommend going there with someone or the people there will eat you alive) or what used to be called Mephit (Arbesovo náměstí), now it’s Tomovy Hry.

Board games are going through a huge boom and we can see them everywhere. You can buy the best pieces in Czech in every bigger shopping mall.

What exactly do modern games mean, tell us more about it to people who want to try them?
Modern board games are a broad concept. Mostly they are associated with some sophistication of the game, both graphicly and according to rules. Games are bigger, more adventurous, they promise more fun for those who are not afraid to dive into them.

Among some of the founders of modern games, we can count in the well-known Settlers of Catan, Carcassone and many other extremely popular games. The development is always evolving and a whole new range of concepts is now popular. For example, co-operating board games (players co-operate against the game itself) or those played with the help of mobile apps.

Another extremely interesting sector is the so-called Legacy Games. These games retain the mechanisms where they transfer the results from one play to another. Such a game reacts to the players‘ abilities and results, it’s a whole new experience that almost necessarily requires an experienced and steady gaming team. The experience that no one would expect from board games is the reward. For example, these games often include so-called loots. Those are boxes that the player can open only after completing certain tasks. Such boxes contain new game elements, characters, figurines, new parts of the game plan, etc.

You’ve been working in Wunderman for a year, what do you like here?
We have amazing benefits. You can go play squash with your colleague or go to the gym with the multisport card and that’s amazing! I also like the work environment. The view of Vyšehrad and Vltava is really worth it!

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