Being happy isn’t about cool glasses and a social image, says a young dad of three kids.

When you meet Vojta Bulíř, our project manager, in the halls of Wunderman, you can feel the optimism coming of off him. When you need help, he certainly doesn’t keep you hanging.

When you meet this young guy in the hallway you would hardly think, that he’s a family man with three young daughters at home. And that he sacrifices his holiday for the children of strangers.

How long have you been working in Wunderman and what has been your journey here?
It’s been long…I started 6 years ago with an interview for the position of a Junior IT in Y&R. There was a different situation on the market then and people fought for their positions.

So, to impress Kristýna Šimonová from HR and Mirko Paleček I offered to work for free for the first two months, so they could try me out…I really wanted that position 😊.

Firstly, I worked for Y&R and then I transferred to Wunderman, where I was an IT Manager and them a Project Manager. This year I made another step forward. I was discovered as a pearl in a heap of hay by Jarda Novák and he took me into his team on the wings of his Ducati.

What clients do you work for? What does it take being a Project Manager? Describe it more?
Primarily I work for the main client of the Fischer team, meaning the five travel agencies under the Fischer Group. The job of a Project Manager consists of, at least on my projects, working with people who have knowledge in data technologies.

In our team it works like this, the client needs to reach some goal or our account comes up with a marketing app that does something. My job is, in cooperation with the programmers, to come up with a way how to reach this goal or the attribute of the app from available data sources and technologies at a reasonable cost.

And then you have to deal with fuckups, that it should work, but it doesn’t, there aren’t data, the client wants a yellow square instead of a blue triangle and so on…luckily our two programmers, Tomáš Flandera and Radek Palát, are amazing, so they usually make things work. 🙂

I personally, spend most of the time developing apps and trying to push our infrastructure towards a more stable and perfect operation.

You have twins at home and now you have a newly born baby, how do you manage to make things work? You’re a relatively young dad, you’ve just celebrated your 30th birthday.
In my case, I made it work because I gave up (voluntarily and gladly!) all my personal activities. I spend time here, in Wunderman, or on the way or home.

I’m lucky to have an anti-social-forest-eco wife, that straps our youngest Ida onto her chest and manages to cook and take care of the house and play with our twins Berta and Zora.

Our family goes a little bit against the emancipation movement, so I take care of the finances and “everything” that’s behind our door and my wife takes care of everything that’s inside. It works perfectly for both of us.

When somebody meets you, they say: What? This is the dad of 3 kids. In a time, when it’s modern to leave parenthood for later, you had a family relatively young.
I know that I have set a few things that are important (to me). I don’t want it to sound too theatrical and fatal, so I’ll write it in points: I was an only child, so I want a big family. I didn’t have both parents, so I got married at 21 after a bet and 45 days after meeting a girl with a terrible fringe that laughed at my immature jokes :D. I don’t want to die alone, which means, that the more children I have, the better. Also, I don’t want to devote my whole adulthood to my children, so when I’m 40, my twins will be 15 and my youngest 10…I will still be young enough to do some crazy things and be old enough to pay for them…😊

How do you manage it?
Easily, you make a plan for the next 5 years and then you just live…it may be hard for some not to succumb to the pressure of social media where a happy 30year old in Prague must have transparent glasses, a bike Favorit and go to Starbucks for coffee and to Krymská and most of all, share all of it.

I had to learn to enjoy every small moment and the fact that we’re all healthy and together and just ignore the 90% of hard management of the whole family. You just can’t share that feeling…

What is more, no follower will hug you on a walk and say: “Daddy, I love you so much!”…and that’s something I want to invest in for the price of not being cool online. That doesn’t mean I’m an esoteric book, I can get drunk at a company party.

That’s not all, you help organising camps for children.
Yes, that’s an old love of mine and a second family. There are about 30 of us who take 14 days from their personal holidays, we chip in for the food and drive about 90 children into the woods a short distance from Litomyšl.

We have a classic camp with tents, outdoor showers and toilets and a kitchen with stoves with the total area of one of our kitchens in Wunderman. Coming up with the program and run the camp takes up the whole day … but in the evening when it’s dark (and the children do not have a “courage path”), we pull out the guitars and sing long into the night … and the next day again … Who has not experienced it, will not understand …

How long have you been doing this activity? And what do you like about working with children?
I’ve been going away to camps from kindergarten and to this camp from 15 year. I don’t take it as my job, but as a trip into the times when I saw the world in that particular moment and I didn’t think about the thesis of the minister of education while picking up cones. Children get excited about things that are real, interesting and fun and it’s a great relay from KPI indicators of the campaigns for our clients.

Are those some special camps?
No. Most of the kids don’t see each other during the year, if they’re not classmates. Each year we have a different theme and an all-camp game: The four seasons, Space, Circus, Crafts etc.

Back to work. Do you have any tips how to balance work and life?
Well, it’s actually pretty easy and everything that’s not work, has to be life (for me real life)…oh snap, that’s really pathetic. I’ll add a long-time dream of mine: I’ll pack my bags at 40, pick up the kids from the public institutions and then as a family, we’ll travel somewhere south for a year. If it comes true, doesn’t really matter, when I’m travelling the Indian sea in my mind, I immediately feel better.

Do you have any tricks, that make your work easier? Any apps? Any tips for time management?
I listen to what people are saying at the meetings and I’m not on my phone! When I don’t know something, I ask. I never leave things for later and I try to do things as soon as possible but maybe that’s specific for us, Project Managers. And go outside, even if I don’t smoke.

Time management is easy for me, when I work, I really work, when I travel I work and when I’m at home I put aside my phone and watch and apart from urgent phone calls I don’t work, ideally not even in my head…

What do you like about Wunderman?
That Wunderman likes me 😊 (no dresscode, smiling colleagues in the hallways, good coffee and the feeling that campaigns for clients can make sense).

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