Tactics, discipline, not underestimating the opponent? What you learn in boxing, you can use at work as well

When you meet her in a corridor at Wunderman, you have an impression of a subtle young lady. Then you are very surprised finding out this nice graphic designer Kristýna Klepsová spends her leisure time doing combat sports and boxing.

How long have you been working Wunderman? What was your professional career? What clients do you work with?
I’ve been working with Wunderman for more than 5 years and I was hunted from iDNES.cz by Milan Hájíček to the Microsoft team. Then I moved to the Ford team I’ve been doing graphic design for until now. So in our team, we prepare banners and other web graphics for Ford.

Your work is graphic design. Can you describe more in detail what is your work about?
In our team, we prepare, animate and modify banners for Ford campaign for various countries. It is modifying and creating of new banners and videos.
As a result, our clients have prettier and more modern banner campaigns running all around the world. Here is the place banners of campaigns running then in Poland, Greece, northern countries, Italy, France, Portugal, UK etc. are created.

And apart from that, we’ve been solving possibilities of programming and putting our work together with coding in an optimal way with our developers and we constantly speculate about how to use new trends.

Do you have any tips for people who want to keep good work-life balance?
For me the leisure time after work is very important and I try to use it to the full extent. The truth is that I usually go and spend my time in some gym but I always  shift to other ideas and relax in an active way which is a very important thing. My colleague, for instance, runs long distances and it helps her. That is something I personaly couldn’t do. So it is a pretty individual thing but it is definitely necessary to do something.

But you have a quite important hobby – you do boxing. How did you get to that?
That’s a complicated question, you know 😀 When I was a child, I used to ride horses but I always liked the rough girls in movies so I decided to try some lessons of combat sports.

Like many other people, at started with non-contact fitbox but that was not the right thing for me so I took up thaibox. But that was not enough again and needed to figure out how can you fight on the floor effectively when someone knocks you down, for instance. And the only way to do so was MMA or Mixed Martial Arts.

I did that for about 2 years and even prepared for fights several times but I always missed out because of some injury I had. At that time I would also do krav maga and became and instructor after 5 years. I started dating Dan Táborský at that time and he was, of course, trying to get me to boxing. And now I do only boxing and I have to say that I’m completely excited about this sport and the world around it.

No wonder there is a saying among boxers: „Who doesn’t want to work, goes to politics, who can’t sing, becomes a rapper and who can’t do boxing, does Thai boxing or MMA.“

Yes, Dan belongs to our best boxers and representatives. He took part in the first Olympic Games in Baku, in many prestigious world cups, he has got more than 180 fights and became Czech champion five times. He is also a great coach and MEB president (Manager Extraleague of Box). So no wonder I started to go to his Realfightclub.cz.

You make an impression of a subtle woman. Where did it come from for you to do rather men’s sports?
It’s not as rough as many people think about boxing, you know. Boxing is not only about beating each other but about the technique, motion development, stamina, workout and complete development which is much more fun than just going to gym.

It’s such a game and we girls can do something like „touching the ball“ or „biting“, it just depends what we agree on. And those who don’t like contact at all can master the technique and stamina without sparring.

Was not there behind it all also a need to be able to fight back in case of an attack?
I wouldn’t say that it was the reason I started with combat sports but it’s a good bonus of it. Nowadays, many people think if they go to some self-defense course or combat sports or martial arts once a week, they become immortal for a potential attacker. That’s not true at all. As with everything, a lot of practice is necessary and you get it with frequent sparring or fighs.

 Is competing in boxing important for you? Do you intend to take part in competitions? Nevertheless, are combat sports not about balance of spiritual and physical part and primarily about the use just in case of a life-threatening attack such as in WingTsun martial art whose supporters do not take part in competitions at all?
I think it is good to try fighting, enjoy the atmosphere and support of the audience and also try what you’ve learned in the training to the full extent. But it is not a condition and many people do boxing just for fun without any sports ambitions…Nevertheless, they often let themselves talk into trying a fight. For this, the Gala Evening of the Manager Extraleague of Boxing is ideal as the boxers fight in helmets, have big gloves, a shorter fighting time and the opponents are quite equal so there is no risk of injury and you can enjoy it without worries.

 Do you take part in competitions?
I would definitely like to try a fight ánd I’ve been preparing for that at the moment. You know, in girls boxing (and in all combat sports) it is always a bit problem to get a opponent in the right weight category with the corresponding experience. It is more and more popular among girls but there are still just a few. For instance, my sparring partner has been waiting for a opponent for half a year already. :-/

Do not the martial arts carry also a spiritual element within? What did boxing teach you, apart from the physical point of view? What parts of it can you also use at work?
Martial arts do but boxing is a combat sport that does not have so much philosophy within (luckily). However, one learns here, among other things, discipline, humbleness, team behaviour, not underestimating the opponent, tactics, etc. – and that’s good not only for work.

Can feminity be combined with boxing?
Sure. Most female boxers are really pretty girls and you would never guess they can fight well. Then it is funny how boys look in disbelief, when the girl who knocked them down gets out of the changing room in a dress and with high heels on. 😀

Is it not more about women trying to be equal with men, withstand in their world? What do you do to keep your feminity?
Well, there is definitely something about it. I personally do not think this way and I do boxing because it’s fun for me. And it’s the same with feminity. Some have them and some don’t.

You work in a marketing agency – don’t you feel like being in the boxing ring sometimes?
Ha-ha, well, sometimes it’s a fight but it’s like that with everything. So rather not. But I have to admit that I find things like the shootout in the Polish government, for instance, really funny.

You are preparing an internal workshop for your Wunderman colleagues in the beginning of September, for them to try boxing there. What will it look like, when will it take place – just give us a short description of it…
I’m looking forward to it so much! It will be on Wednesday, September 5, starting at 5 pm in Wunderman. I and Dan will present boxing, interesting things about professional and olympic boxing known by only a few people and some backstage stories. Then we go straight to the trying of basic techniques i.e. What is the correct boxing position, motions, what are the basic hits and how to avoid them. Then we will show what does lapping look like and some advanced boxing techniques. There will be 10 pairs of gloves there (those who have their own gloves shall bring them there) and at the end of the seminar you can try sparring with the quintuple master which will be a great experience. Daniel is a proffesional so there’s no need to worry. 😊

Can you also tell some tips from self-defense – what to do if you get involved in a conflict, how to defend yourself and if it’s possible to avoid a conflict?
The best thing is not to get involved in conflict at all, prevent such situations and avoid them. However, if you get into something like that anyway, and this is more for girls, never stop fighting, never give up. The attacker is often repelled by your effort and gives up eventually.

What do you like about Wunderman?
I enjoy our team and the people I’ve met in Wunderman very much. We go play badminton, jogging, sauna, climbing  wall or boxing trainings. And I find it interesting that there are only girls going for boxing training, no boys. So this is such appeal for the colleagues. 😊

Kristýna Klepsová

  • Working for five years in Wunderman as a graphic designer for the client Ford.
  • Before, she had worked as a web designer for iDnes.cz, as a graphic designer for the Italian restaurant Aromi, La Finestra, La Bottega, Il Mercato, Dobroty v koši, Cucina, Gastronomica.
  • In 2007, she got a special award for a short animated film The Can in the competition Red Bull Art of Can (2007).
  • Apart from boxing, she paints and likes fine arts. She has even had a few painting exhibitions in the past. More on her website Klepsova.cz.
  • She also does scuba diving, pole dance and fitness.
  • She likes travelling, some of the countries she travelled through are Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mexico or Phillippines.


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