How to be a good manager? Treat people with respect and help them, says Wunderman Business Director

Fabiola Gallegos Rios manages a team of 70 people in Wunderman Prague. They work for clients all around the world, such as GSK or Nestlé. She herself says that she manages a team of “70 professional, wonderful and passionate people.”

She is from Mexico and upon meeting her, you get a wave of energy, optimism and, most of all, humanity. Her colleagues appreciate that she is able to work under stress, keeps her calm in almost any situation and is full of empathy.

What does she like about the Czech Republic and what does she miss? What is the hardest thing about the Czech language? She shared all of that in our interview.

You come from Mexico. How was your path to Prague’s offices?
It was 14 years ago, it was work related. A Czech software company hired me from Mexico to work on a year contract as project manager for a DHL migration project for several countries, then an American Company made me an offer, and let’s say that I have been blessed to have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally in this country.

You’re known for being kind, helpful and optimistic. Where are you drawing all this energy from?
I try to direct my energy and attention outwards and receive energy from interacting with people and from taking action. Therefore, I prefer to communicate by talking, I learn best by doing or discussing, it helps me to be sociable and expressive. I also take time to reflect, reflection helps me learn from my mistakes, but it also gives me time to figure out the value of my aspirations, and whether I can raise them higher.

What type of leadership do you prefer?
I prefer strategic leadership because it is not limited to those at the top of the organization chart. It is geared to a wider audience at all levels who want to create high performance in life, team or organization. At least 70% of this leadership normally involves strategic thinking. For example, a strategic leader fills the gap between the need for new opportunities and the need for practicality by providing a prescriptive set of habits. Effective strategic leadership delivers the goods in terms of what an organization naturally expects from its leadership in times of change.

What would be your advice to other managers?
We always have to keep in mind that everybody is different, and our job as a manager is to be able to cultivate ways for that person to succeed. We are not always going to agree with them or the way they do things, but the end result is what matters. And always remember to treat people with respect and try to provide the guidance and leadership they are looking for.

Which place in the Czech Republic has bewitched you the most?
Český Krumlov, Český Ráj and of course the Prague Castle.

What do you like about the Czech Republic?
It is a small beautiful country with amazing places and wonderful nature, every city has extraordinary past. Every part of this country has been touched by an important part of history.

You surely tasted some typical Czech dishes – sirloin beef with cream sauce, goulash, pork with dumplings and sauerkraut. Did you like it, or do you prefer Mexican food?
My favorite Czech foods are svíčková, dumplings, pork with sauerkraut and roast duck. And of course I love Mexican food, I cook at home every time I have a chance.

Is there something you miss in the Czech Republic?
My family, the sea, and the fresh sea food.

Do you take Czech language lessons?
Yes, I do, but not as often as I’d like to.

What is difficult about our language?
The pronunciation of several consonants together. 😊

Will this be your first Christmas here in Prague?
No, I already spent more than 10 Christmases here and every year we celebrate it Czech style, every year I bake the traditional cookies with my friends, enjoy carp & potato salad for dinner and wait for Ježíšek to come and bring us gifts.

In which aspects are Czech people different from other nationalities?
They are free spirited, passionate about sports, exploring nature and of course beer!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I play golf during the year season, I enjoy reading a good thriller novel. I also like cooking, especially Thai and Indian food, I love spices. I do yoga from time to time and I enjoy traveling, mainly in countries with wine history.

You have an interesting hobby – you’re a passionate sommelier. How and when did you start? Did you take any course? Do you do any events for friends?
I’ve been passionate about wine since I was 20 years old. I studied the wine culture on my own until 3 years ago, when I decided to make it professional and become a sommelier. I graduated at a well-known sommelier school in Madrid and I went to persuade a career as a judge at international wine competitions. I am certified in the 3 levels of the WSET certification, one of the top authorities. I was a judge at several international competitions; in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Bulgaria and France.

What do you like about Wunderman?
Wunderman has everything in place for ambitious clients who want to stand out, with the support of strong digital and strategy teams to achieve the client’s goals. I also like the fruit and the little cakes that we receive during the morning, they are great!


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