Are you missing energy and strength? Start to take care of yourself more, says the HR specialist of Wunderman

She would describe herself as a person with positive attitude. And that’s what she’s really like. „I’m friendly and I would say I find my way to everybody,“ thinks Iveta Brázdová from HR department of Wunderman about herself. Somehow each of you must have met her and you will definitely agree with me about her positivity. But did you know one of Iveta’s hobbies is healthy food and lifestyle as well?

Ivet, what is it about beauty and health? Can they be achieved?
Every person can be and will be beautiful and healthy under the condition they love themselves and are ready to give the beloved body enough nutrients, vitamins and exercise.

An excuse I hear quite often is that healthy lifestyle and healthy food cost time and money – is it true, in your opinion? And can it be somehow combined with a hectic work style in an advertising agency?
Healthy lifestyle is not only about healthy food. It is also about the time we spend exercising. How we take care of ourselves, it reflects how we feel and how much energy and strength for life we have.
So we can say that correct exercise and lifestyle affect not only our body but also our soul. Many people think that a healthy lifestyle is financially demanding. But try to exchange the everyday lunch in restaurants for a tasty meal prepared from local produce and you will find out that it is much cheaper than having meals prepared from unknown ingredients. Maybe many of us could walk much more, walk upstairs and downstairs instead of using lifts or make a walk trip instead of a car trip.

You work in our HR department, you are in charge of the background and wellbeing of hundreds of people. What is, in your opinion, essential for a person to feel well at work? And to have a balanced life in personal sphere and work, so called work-life balance?
I think one has to make balance in work, physical and mental life. Try to balance work, family and everything else in their life. Find time for personal life, for hobbies, go jogging and clean one’s head – everything that fills you with joy. My motto is: take care of yourself first and then use your positive energy to attract colleagues who would be motivated with your enthusiasm. Real happiness is in the fact you feel happy yourself.

Does it also include healthy food? You are naturally interested in it all your life, why’s that?
Everything is perfectly intertwined. Healthy lifestyle is not only about a beautiful and healthy body but also about our mind, our mental state. Since I was a child, I have been brought up to eat healthy by my parents. I grew up in a family where we ate everything but already then I struggled with things I liked and didn’t like, as to the taste. But first when I grew up and started to take care of myself, I started to find the way that would be the best for me.

Eight years ago you turned vegetarian and you haven’t been eating dairy products since your childhood. What have made you do that? And is it a style for everyone?
I have never liked the taste of meat and dairy products and haven’t had an urge to eat them. Later on, I started to see more and more information about the facts how much stress in contained in meat, how long has it been processed by the body, … but I have also stopped eating it for ethical reasons. Every person is different and veganism or vegetarianism is not for everyone; on the other hand, animal food is not suitable for everyone neither.

We all are individuals and whatever we eat, it is necessary to have balance. We all should follow our heart, listen to our inner voice and let our body determine what is the nicest and most comfortable for us. No change in our lifestyle shouldn’t be suffering. I would like to say that every extreme is bad. Do not listen to the people around you, just listen to your own body, to yourself!

What does your day look like, talking about food?
Every day is different but I definitely can’t imagine any day without having breakfast, that’s essential for my day. During the day I try to eat things that give my body all it needs. Sometimes it’s a bit demanding to set up a meal plan without meat and dairy products but there are still many ingredients one can use to prepare a tasty and balanced meal.

When you look around and see your colleagues, can you see the biggest mistakes we make regarding our food at work in the office?
I think the biggest mistake many of us make is that we eat our meals in a hurry and stress. We let ourselves immerse in work and don’t find a moment to eat in peace and really enjoy our food.

And what about the surroundings of Wunderman? Is it possible to eat good and healthy meals in Smíchov?
Many restaurants offer a lunch menu and it is rear to find at least one vegetarian meal and when there is one, it is fried cheese. My favourite restaurant is the vegan restaurant Pastva or sometimes I go to the business centre Anděl with a vegan restaurant Loving Hut.

You’ve been working in Wunderman for quite a short time. Can you tell what has caught your attention? What do you look forward in the morning, when you go to work?
When I was in Wunderman for the first time at the job interview, I was nicely surprised by the relaxed atmosphere, smiling people and positive energy one can feel here. I look forward to the girls every morning, there is a great team around me, people who are pleasure to work with. I like informal environment that allows me to get dressed the way I feel in the morning. The beautiful thing on the work in HR is that you meet lots of people and there is something new you get enriched by someone every day.

What leisure activities do you do?
I like doing sports and look after myself. I like doing things for myself that make myself happy, be it a meeting with friends or reading a book. But my biggest passion is travelling. I like learning about new cultures and meeting new people. I like new challenges, I’m not afraid of new things.

Iveta Brázdová has been working at Wunderman as HR Administrator for eight months. But she told us she feels as if she had been working here for years. She has lately extended her job tasks with Learning and Development and she’s been enjoying new challenges. She worked on a similar position for DHL IT Services, an international company.

Author of the article: Tereza Knížková

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