Prague experiences: Minority Report-style fingerprint readers, amazing people and delicious potato pancakes

Gaia Brunoni is Account Director from Wunderman Paris. At the beginning of this year she took her husband and daughter and moved to Prague for two weeks as part of international exchange programme YOU Swap.

 How did she like Prague, our Wunderman office and our agency at all?

First day in, there was a team party at night !! Lucky girl 😃
I had the occasion to meet everybody I would have spent time with in the following weeks, the Wolves, and get acquainted with Czech specialties such as bramboraky, goulash and more bramboraky, which I had never eaten before. I think I got a garlic breath for a few days after that first dinner though. Beer was as good as I remembered.

“At Wunderman Prague I had the chance to work with team led by Alex Uher, who was at the time focusing on UX/UI design of small-medium seller subscription journey of an international e-commerce client.

My boss Alex (Uher) was the coolest ever : smart at work and fun! He taught me it’s actually possible to be productive at work and still have a life (whaaaaat ??? pls export more of Alex here !!!). And he made me discover the best restaurant around the office, which is JELICA, the Serbian place.I do hope for you that when you move offices you do not go too far from it, it’s so perfectly exaggerately kusturica-ish it feels like you’re on set. I was glad I could manage to get back 3 times there during my stay, which I’ve been said is a record in itself.

Minority Report offices

The offices in Prague are a real maze and, without the help of Alex, Zora, Youssef, Daniel, Martin and some well placed graffiti on the walls, I would have got lost every other day.

Coming from a relatively small Wunderman (around 80 employees in Paris) I was amazed by the number of people working there (do you really know everybody?).

And yet the offices were so spacious and comfortable, a nice environment, it felt good. The fingerprint access surprised me, it is sooo Minority Report !! Cool.

North Pole in Prague

Weather-wise, I admit I was quite scared of going to Prague in Winter, I thought I was dragging my husband and daughter to a sort of better version of the North Pole and stupidly we were not even equipped for it, but surprise-surprise, the weather was lovely and, as cold as it was, in the end it was really part of the charm of being in Prague.

Fun facts:

#1 – I sort of evolved from drinking water at lunch on day one into gradually increasing my daily intake of Staropramen, to a point that proportions were reversed. Great.

#2 – I’m Italian but had to go to Prague to have cappuccino in the morning, can you believe it ?? Never had one in Italy when I was living there.

#3 – My daughter is still talking about Prague and, from time to time, she packs a bag, draws a flying ticket and goes back to Prague.


Not having had Jarda-Jerry explain me where the Wolves title come from.

Not going to Narodni Divadlo to see a Laterna Magika show.

I definitely need to get back. For both reasons.

Learnings for life:

It’s actually possible to work in communications without producing endless powerpoints.

If you’d like to do/see/eat/go to anything in Prague better to plan and book in advance (Zora, you were sooo right when you told me!).

I would really like to thank you all Wunderman for having me among you and for giving me the opportunity to experience life and work from a different perspective. You do know you live in a magical, wonderful city, don’t you ? 😉

Gaia Brunoni joined Wunderman in 2013 to work as account director on Microsoft EMEA leading B2C campaigns for more than 15 markets. Over the years she moved onto leading IKEA CRM, Center Parcs CRM and strategy. She came to Prague via YOU Swap programme – internal exchange programme for Wunderman, where our people regularly visit foreign affiliates and share their know-how and experience.

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