Work? Hobbies? Great ideas? Just give it all a personal approach. That’s what our Wunderman colleague Stefano Tognon suggests

Stefano studied astronomy with the prime focus on the universe and galaxies. He had been living in Dublin for 15 years and then he moved with the love of his life to Prague. Furthermore, his third book is going to be published soon. Senior project manager Stefano, who takes care of client GSK, talked about his life joys and passions.

Stefano, what brought you to Prague?
Actually, it was love. Before I arrived here approximately a year ago, I had been living in Dublin for 15 years. My girlfriend moved here so we could live together. I met her in Slovakia when visiting my friend. Then, we decided to move to Prague. We had been choosing between Prague, Vienna and Budapest, but Wunderman Prague offered me his job, so we chose Prague. And since my girlfriend is Slovak, we live far closer to her home then we did in Dublin and then we would in my home country, Italy. So, we are both happy.

Since you are saying “happy“, I suppose you like living in Prague, don’t you?
Yes, of course! From the practical point of view, I really like the infrastructure of Prague which I consider one of the best and the most effective in whole Europe. Culture and history are the other thing. I really love visiting the places, where great minds of our history walked through, drank their coffee or while meditating on their ideas they smoked their cigars. By those great minds I mean people such as Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Be it Café Louvre in case of Einstein, The Old Town Square and The Old Town generally which was favourite place of Kafka or Bertramka, where Mozart lived with his wife, all those places give me goose bumps. Prague has a very special atmosphere. And that’s what I love about it the most. To discover its inner beauties.

Prague sounds incredibly romantic and unusual in your words.
That’s the way I perceive it. And then, there is the beer. That tastes so so good. Recently, I visited a beer spa for the first time. That’s what I call an unusual experience.

And what about your experiences and feelings about your job at Wunderman?
I used to work here as a senior web analyst for client Ford. Then I changed the client and started working on GSK, where I work as a senior project manager. Together with back-end developers, we take care of client’s master website. While the developers work on enhancing it, I take care of the project. That’s why it is so important for us to get along well in my team. There is a lot of communication with third parties and within our team as well.

And that is what I think Wunderman does the best. The human approach and connecting its employees. Look at all those workshops, seminars and trainings and generally the events Wunderman prepares for its employees. Be Your Self workshop which was organized lately, that was really perfect.

I know that you care a lot about human approach. The theme of your second book is testament of this. Tell us more about it.
Yes, that is right. The book “And so I dare“ is rather an artistic experiment. It is all an idea of my fiancée, who worked in Slovakia as a journalist. She wanted to capture challenging topics such as prostitution or bipolar disorder, through interviews but in different light from what is usually presented. And that is no easy task. And because she admired photographs I create in my free time, she asked me if I could capture the atmosphere of the interviews.

And I like challenges, so I jumped right into it. We have traveled all over Europe together to record the stories of seven people who, despite extreme living conditions and their differences, have been able to overcome the social and psychological obstacles to success, happiness and satisfaction. They are ordinary people with problems that can meet each of us. You can read about life stories of a prostitute, a Gypsy Flamenco dancer , an „elephant man“ or an IT consultant dealing with bipolar disorder from millionaire family.

And we captured their unique stories, Denisa with a paper and  a pen and I through lenses of my camera. It took five years to finish the book from the cover to every other little detail but two years ago we finally let it into the world.

It must have been an incredible feeling to meet such people. Are your other books focused on life stories as well?
Not at all! My first book is more academic, I would say. Since I studied astronomy and learned to play guitar during my studies, I wanted to find a common note in these two absolutely different fields. I co-worked on the book with my astronomy professor Robert Caimmi and my guitar teacher Alberto Franzon. Together we were focused on an „extremely important subject“. We wanted to find out how many possible cyclic permutations exist on the scale of tones and semitones.

No, really, it’s a lot of academic stuff, but I enjoyed it. Actually, I enjoyed all the thirteen years we had been writing it. As it took over ten years to find the answer to the main question of the whole book.

Your third book will be again about something completely different, am I right?
Yes, that’s right! In Padova, Italy, I have a friend. He is a musician and a painter and is completely obsessed with Caravaggio.

Can we buy your books in the Czech Republic?
My first book, the academic one, is available only in Italian and only in Italy. The second one, “And so I dare”, is available for purchase on Amazon and we managed to get it to Czech and Slovak distribution as well. It is available only in English for now, but we are working on the Czech and Slovak translation. And the last one is for now available again only in Italian, but we are considering the translation to English.

All your publications seem to be very interesting! I hope you won’t hesitate so much with the translations.
I am pleased to hear that. We will try our best!

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