If you want to succeed in marketing, forget about copy – paste, says our colleague from Wunderman Thompson

When you meet her, you can immediately feel her positive enthusiasm. Yes, we are talking about our colleague from Wunderman Thompson Nilofer Slavik. And you wouldn’t even guess she is a former Indian Air Force pilot. How did she get to Prague and to marketing, and what does she like about marketing the most?

Nilofer, the first thing I’ve heard about you was, that you used to be a pilot in an Indian Air Force. Is it truth? Can you tell me something about it?

Well yes, for a good 7.5 years I have served as a Helicopter Pilot in the Indian Air Force.  I was living my childhood dream. Having flown more than 1200 hours in roles like Search & Rescue (SAR), Reconnaissance and Air Maintenance. It was a challenging, adventurous and very different from my life as a civilian. Rigorous training, being always on the move to different locations, flying at border conflict areas and working side by side with comrades, who become your family away from home, were all parts of my beautiful past.

Are women in an Indian Armed Forces a common thing, or did you have to really fight for being able to join the Air Force?

Yes, earlier, women in Indian Armed Forceswere not a common thing. But nowadays you can see women officers breaking the glass ceiling and being inducted in almost every role. India is a very traditional country in which women are seen in a different role. To break out of that role bestowed upon us by society sometimes does become a challenge. But where is a will, there is a way. Luckily, I had the support of my family to follow my dreams.

As you’ve already said, you come from India. Why have you decided to move to Prague? How do you perceive the Czech Republic and its people?

Well, what can I say? Love happened. An Indian girl fell in love with a Czech boy and they both decided to live together in the Czech Republic. A new life and a new adventure. What to say about Czech Republic? I absolutely love it here. People, culture, food, architecture and nature. I find everything so different & interesting. But what wins my heart the most is Czech Beer and Czech sense of humor.

You’d studied computer science, then you’d been in the Air Force… How did you get to the marketing and Wunderman Thompson?

I love adventure and new challenges.  When I was thinking about my career in a corporate world, marketing caught my eye. I find marketing very interesting, it is constantly evolving and there is something new to learn every day. To really make an impact, you need an out of the box thinking and work with each market individually, having a different approach. There is simply no copy – paste recipe to success. This kind of adapt or die environment was the reason I knew I wanted to start in this field.

What was your first job position in Wunderman Thompson, and what was interesting about Wunderman to you?

I believe I was very lucky to find Wunderman. I found exactly what I wanted to have in my company – a family like atmosphere with such a passionate and varied workforce. I started my corporate journey from the basics and joined the Wunderman family as an Events Marketing Automation Specialist working for Microsoft.

You are one of our colleagues, who had experienced an internal transfer. Why have you decided that you need a change, and how do you see the decision and the whole transfer process in retrospective?

I believe you should always strive to learn more in life and to expand your horizons as much as possible. That way you’ll become more efficient in everything you do and bring a new perspective to the table. Therefore, I wanted to expand my knowledge base and become a better asset to the organization.

What do you currently work on? What is the best thing this job gives you?

I am presently working as the Client Service Manager for Microsoft CEE baseline events. The best thing this role gives me is the possibility to work with a very international team, and a whole new plethora of learning and understanding the detailed bigger canvas of marketing.

What do you like about Wunderman?

I love the company culture. It is open, direct, and the people here are from so many different fields and corners of the world. It just makes every day coming to the office interesting.

One of your hobbies is travelling. Tell me, what is the last amazing place you’d visited?

Yes, I love travelling. That was what I loved about military. I was travelling to different places and meeting different people. This year I had an amazing three weeks trip, travelling mainly the west coast national parks in the US. It was beautiful. Each one different from the other, but my favorite would be Yellowstone. Just the thought of being on top of a once fully active super volcano is so overwhelming.

Your another passion is cooking and food. What do you say about Czech cuisine? It must be a big change compared to the Indian one.

Oh yes. You can call me a Foodaholic. I love to cook, and I love to eat even more. Czech cuisine is, of course, very different from the Indian cuisine. In India, it is all about the different spices used for cooking. It does not necessarily mean Indian food has to be spicy, but there will be a lot of different spices in it. In Czech Republic the approach is completely different, and people work more with original flavors of the ingredients. These are two very different approaches leading to the same delicious goal.

What are your next steps, what do you hope the future holds for you?

No one knows what the future holds. All I can hope for is that I can do my best in my career, as well as in my personal life, and that the learning, growing and travelling never stops. Let’s continue to have new adventures!

Article author: Eliška Šafránková

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