Wunderman becomes Wunderman Thompson

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – October 1, 2019 – The largest marketing agency in the Czech Republic, Wunderman s.r.o., will operate under a new brand, Wunderman Thompson s.r.o., as of 1 October 2019. Wunderman Thompson is the fusion of two globally recognised WPP agencies, Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson (JWT).  This integration will bring to life a revolutionary type of marketing agency for the modern age that seamlessly combines creativity, data, and technology.

Worldwide, Wunderman Thompson has more than 20,000 employees operating in 90 markets, with more than 400 creative, data and technology experts currently working in the Prague office. This diverse mix of professional skills is why the daily delivery of digital and offline campaigns yields the results clients want.

Markets and businesses have encountered dramatic changes in recent years. Traditional practices and approaches no longer work as they used to. To maintain the pace of growth, companies need to develop the ability to keep up with their customers, ideally staying ahead of trends.

“This integration makes us an even more important player on both local and global markets. For our clients, we want to intensively develop what we already do – combining creativity, customer experience, data analytics and personalised marketing using modern technologies,” says Wunderman Thompson Prague CEO, Bronislav Kvasnička.

“When we have discussions with local and global clients, we see that we are solving a common problem. They say: help us grow, help us find new services, define segments, products, new marketplaces, new opportunities,” Kvasnička continued.

“Today, agencies can’t only create solutions to meet their clients’ challenges. To be successful they also need to become true partners and play a significant role in strategic development. Creating strategies that encompass customer experience across all communication channels, maximise the use of data for personalization, and pioneer technological solutions that go beyond marketing – that is our challenge today,” said Kvasnička.

As a part of the rebranding, the agency will change its name to Wunderman Thompson. Legislative and business information remains unchanged.

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