Don’t lie at job interviews, the truth will come out anyway, says Eva Pavelková

You simply can’t miss our colleague Eva Pavelková here in Wunderman Thompson. She sits a bit on two chairs – besides recruiting she also works as an HR Business Partner.. Eva is taking care of entire teams and she’s trying to make their employee experience as good as possible. Moreover, under the HR she’s also responsible for various internal trainings, seminars, and is now preparing a traditional Wunderman Thompson charity event.

Eva, you now work in HR, but before that you were in the recruitment department. Tell me, how long have you been working at Wunderman Thompson?

I started working in Wunderman in February 2017, so in a few months, it will be three years.

You also studied human resources at university. How did you get to that? What did you like about HR and where did you start?

Since high school I knew that I wanted to work with people, all that remained was to decide for a particular field to study. First I thought about psychology, but I ended up in personnel management at Charles University. While still at school, I started working in HR in a bank, first as an admin, later I got into the recruitment team. I then joined Wunderman already as a recruiter.

During all that time you’ve met and talked to many interesting people. What has this work taught you about interpersonal relationships?

Perhaps that every person is unique and needs to be approached that way.

What are you currently in charge of at Wunderman Thompson, what are you working on?

In addition to recruitment, my work has recently expanded to include the rest of the HR agenda. This means that for Ford and Microsoft I take care of the entire employee’s life cycle, from recruiting through onboarding, education, evaluation, etc. Recruiting has given me a good overview of what each team is doing. Now it’s nice to work with the people, with whom I’ve already worked together during recruitment, even when they aren’t missing a team member.

We’ve all experienced it, but how does the recruiting into Wunderman Thompson go, from HR perspective?

It always starts with the manager coming to us and saying that they need someone for their team. Then there is a circle of necessary administration so that we all know who we are looking for, what team they will join, what they should know and what budget we have for it. We also need to determine who from the team will be there for the interview. Then an advertisement is prepared and placed on the job portals. But it is usually not enough, and it is necessary to actively search in various databases. Sometimes, on the contrary, we know that there is no need to post an ad, and we can only address candidates directly.

We communicate with the candidate over the phone, and if it seems like they will fit in the team, we invite them for the interview. Concerning the interview, we usually recommend two rounds so that the candidate and the team are sure that they will work well together.

When both parties are satisfied, we are working with the manager to prepare an offer for which we, in HR, process an approval. When everything is approved, I call the candidate, and if they accept, I pass it on to my colleagues Evča and Katka. They provide all the documents needed to onboarding, and communicate with the IT and back office, so that our new colleague has everything they need to work.

What are the biggest mistakes people make during interviews? How can they be prevented?

I’m going to generalize a little bit, but the biggest mistake is lying about skills and stylizing into something that person really isn’t. Probably every one of us would like a job that is reasonably challenging, interesting and where we work with good teammates. And then people at the interview do exactly the opposite to achieve this – they pretend and don’t tell the truth about their abilities. We try to prevent this by preparing a short test for an interview if we really need some knowledge (for example a coding language, an analytical tool, fluent English) for a given position and there is no room for tutoring.

You have been in the company for some time and have had the opportunity to get to know it well. What do you like about Wunderman Thompson?

Wunderman Thompson has great people to work with. There is a very informal and friendly environment and I feel very good here.

Wunderman Thompson has an internal work market. What advantages do you see in it? Why should other companies introduce this to their employees as well?

People in Wunderman Thompson have a great advantage over external candidates because they often know the client (they move to a senior position), the company environment, and they have a network they can contact if they need to. At the same time, we can offer our employees a career shift or change if they are interested in it. Of course, one has to be prepared, that if they want an internal move, it may not happen immediately – there is not always the „right“ position at the right moment. In this, internal candidates also have an advantage over external candidates, because if they are willing to wait and we, in HR, know about them, then if the right position for them is open, we are not looking for an external candidate and preferentially offer a vacant position to the internal candidate who is waiting for it.

Is there anything you want to tell your colleagues? After all, you accompany them throughout their professional career in the company.

To not be afraid to communicate with their manager and HR. Both in terms of their successes and fails, especially if they need help. Most things can be solved, but we need to know about them in time.

Are you a sociable person beyond work?

Definitely yes! I like to have people around me. I can’t last more than a few days at the home office – I’d rather come to the office just so I don’t have to be alone in my apartment. 😊

What do you like to do in your free time?

Like I said, I like people around me. The only exception are trips to the mountains that I love – the higher the mountain, the better. I have an amazing husband who always discovers a forgotten corner of the world and plans a vacation there. So that’s how we ended up on the Greco-Albanian border last year in absolutely incredible mountains.

And what other interesting places did you last travel to?

Last time we spent three weeks on the east coast of Canada. There are no mountains, but amazing coasts, whales and breathtaking ocean views.

I’ve also heard that you have three cat friends at home…

That is true – each cat is a different personality and you definitely won’t get bored with them!

They came to us one by one, and actually chose us rather than we chose them. Two are from the shelter and the third is a ragdoll. We have quite a decent range of colors, because one cat from the shelter is tabby, the other is ginger, and the ragdoll is white-gray. Ragdoll is a very quiet and actually a little clumsy pet, while those from the shelter are such little devils, who easily open a drawer or door. But they love each other and spend a lot of time together.

You are now preparing an annual charity event in our company. It’s Christmas baking, and the proceeds will go to a cat shelter Tlapky Mochov this year.

Every year we organize this event in our company and it has always been a success. Our colleagues will bake something, and we sell it to other colleagues on that day. Something sweet to go with your afternoon coffee will please not only your taste buds, but also your soul for doing a good deed.

The proceeds then help those who need it. This year we will support the cat shelter Tlapky Mochov. And even if you don’t want to bake or buy, you can help the cats in the shelter by donating feeding, toys or other cat goodies.

This year the event takes place on Wednesday, 11th December 😊

Article author: Eliška Šafránková

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