Don‘t worry about your weaknesses and negative qualities at work, turn them into advantages, says our colleague from Wunderman Thompson

Don‘t worry about your weaknesses and negative qualities at work, turn them into advantages, says our colleague from Wunderman Thompson

Our colleague, Honza Hubálek, takes care of control of the Ford content in our marketing agency, across 9 foreign markets. In an interview, he tells you how some of your negative qualities can help you at work, and what it is like to taste the world’s hottest pepper…

Honza, tell us what you’re doing at Wunderman Thompson.

I’ve been in Wunderman Thompson for over a year now and I take care of checking and controlling of content on Ford websites across nine European markets. In other words, I’m in charge of Quality Assurance. More or less, I go through the tickets processed by the editors and check that all changes have been made and all the rules for the site and the Ford site as such have been followed. If the editor didn’t accidentally make a mistake somewhere, and whether the edits are ready for publishing to a live site. However, I’m also making sure that our client really delivered everything we need.

How do you use anxiety in your work? How is it useful to you?

In the quality assurance itself. Before I came to my current position, I was wondering why not try some kind of work where I could use my anxiety and take advantage of what I thought was a weakness until then. I need to see the slightest mistake in the controls, always be on the lookout for everything to be how it’s supposed to be – and my anxiety won’t let me just overlook or forget something. Of course, everything needs to be kept within limits so that I do not get stuck on one thing for too long.

But I have to say that I am glad that I managed to transform my weakness into a „working tool“. In the end, all of us have some weaknesses and it is certainly interesting to try to perceive them as an advantage, in a sense, and find use for it. I would say that with the right approach, almost everything can be utilized in this way.

Do you remember your job interview at Wunderman Thompson…?

I must say that it was surprising and fun, especially the first round. From what I was told, I understood that Steven Bornholz, who was supposed to interview me, was someone of a very high position, such a master of life and death. 😃 So of course, I tried to look as professional as possible. Cracks appeared after the first question – „Do you play computer games?“ – which showed me that it would be a little different than I’ve originally thought.

The biggest blow was the reaction to my previous job at another company, which was, among other things, checking the data store and ensuring that inappropriate content (18+) was in the right section. I liked describing it to my friends as „I watch porn and I’m paid for it“, which I definitely couldn’t use at the Wunderman Thompson interview. So, I tried to describe it in the most appropriate way. After listening to the description, Steven jumped into it with the question: „So you were watching porn and were paid for that?“. And that was the moment I knew I wanted to work here.

What do you like here, in the company?

Probably people and the environment, it is pleasantly informal and friendly. What I like about my work is that I can take advantage of what I, for a long time, considered to be my disadvantage – anxiety. 😉

Honza, one of your biggest hobbies is LARP. Could you tell us what it is and how you participate in larps?

LARP aka „Live Action RolePlaying Game“ is (mostly) an outdoor event where participants in pre-prepared roles participate in various scenarios. The game itself can be about anything, as well as its type, ranging from fighting with sticks to an interactive theater, from fantasy to sci-fi, to real situations, with a carefully pre-planned course or a so-called sandbox, where basically anything can happen.

Recently I’ve been participating as NPC (non-player character). These are usually used to correct the story, keep it on track, or to make it livelier, whether as a combat or other figure. What I like about it is that I can change roles, try different approaches and not be worried about what can happen to my own precious character.

If a Wunderman colleague would like to start with a larp, ​​what would you recommend them?

Definitely to think about what they enjoy, how much freedom they want to have, or what settings they like. It is also important to know that most of the activity depends on the player. If someone arrives waiting for others to entertain them, they will be very disappointed. Last but not least, I recommend that you have access to costumes, especially for fantasy/sci-fi events, whether handmade or borrowed. Qualitatively many of our events do not reach the larp “standard” in western countries, but at least a slightly more reasonable appearance is required – no more sneakers and white sheets.

So it’s quite clear that you like fantasy. Are you also interested in books? Which one did you read last?

Absolutely, I have been into books since I was of pre-school age (at that time it might have been just comic magazines, I admit), and the fantasy books got to me through that. Recently, I have been reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

You used to think about studying archeology…

At the grammar school I had planned archeology, but at that time I was startled by foreign languages. So I changed it to ecology and later to web – web technology and web development, be it programming languages ​​or the principles of web content and code itself. Quite often I surprise people by telling them that I was at first at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and then Czech Technical University in Prague, and not the usual way (other way around).

Will you tell us more complexly what your Wunderman team does for Ford?

We are in charge of Ford Europe websites, so more or less almost all of Europe, mainly the Big 5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), but including the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Greece. We take care of layout modifications, changes of texts, pictures according to client’s wishes, deletion and creation of new pages and of course localization.

Personally, as I’ve said, I am in charge of the quality assurance, essentially the last stage of the process. Before that, the content goes through the manager and editors.

Do you attend internal employee trainings? What trainings have you been to and what did you take from them?

I have to admit that I don’t go to trainings or courses very much. Mostly there was no reason or the right motivation, I couldn’t find the right one for me. But with the new year, who knows? Now it is definitely time for some changes, to see what could be changed and improved in the new year. This may include self-education, so I’m open to opportunities.

I also heard you love to cook. What is your specialty?

More or less anything that contains meat and hot spices. I am proud of my cabbage soup and goulash, otherwise I try to learn how to cook the true Asian cuisine.

You said you tasted the world’s hottest pepper… What was it like?

Yes. I tried Carolina Reaper, which, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is currently the world’s hottest pepper (but unofficially there is already a competition). And I have to warn you that I have found out it burns you three times – when it goes in, when it goes out, and when you remember the experience. 😃

However, if you want to try hot peppers, I recommend trying “weaker” varieties (chipotle, jolokia…) – when the dosage is right, it’s great to discover all the diverse flavors.

You are obviously a man who is not afraid of a challenge – What else are you planning? 😊

I certainly wouldn’t resist other hot peppers, but the challenges I want to tackle now mostly relate to my personal life and things that I have neglected in the past, or I haven’t dealt with as I would like. Whether it’s taking care of my mental or physical health – I would definitely like to do a little more exercise and get myself moving. That will be a big challenge for me.

Author article: Eliška Šafránková

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