Dynamic advertising is the future!

Today, banner advertising is dominated by DCO – Dynamic Creative Optimization. But what is it, and how do we carry out DCO at Wunderman Thompson? We sat down with our Senior Developer, Lukáš Černohous, who invented an app as part of his Talent Program project to help developers create banner advertising for our Ford client. Check out the interview.

So, Lukáš, what exactly do you do for our Ford client at the moment?

Well, among other things, my department is responsible for the dynamic creative optimization of digital banner production. We create and implement web banners of all kinds and make them as relevant to the consumer as possible by employing little tricks like animation or making them hyper-personalized by adjusting content according to behaviour or geographical targeting. We even created a banner campaign that personalized content based on the weather! That was cool.

Personalizing content based on so many different factors must mean working with an immense amount of data?

Yes, we deliver banner production for global and local markets and tailor each campaign specifically for where they’re deployed. When you’re personalizing AND localizing at the same time, the amount of data you work with can get really huge.

What does all this data look like?

When we create banners for different markets, different websites, in different languages, all possible variations of the content are described in a table – each row representing one variation. The number of rows depends on the campaign, but it can be from tens to thousands of rows. They must also be compatible with different data input variants in order to eventually show personalized content to the user.

That sounds like a huge job. How do you make sure the data is accurate across so many variants?

Yes, you can imagine how much time it takes us to create these kinds of tables manually, and then for our quality assurance department to go through and check them. But, because it’s a somewhat repetitive activity, I saw room for automating this task and thereby making the whole process simpler and more accurate.

And this is when you came up with your application. Tell us about that.

Yes, after consulting with other developers, I decided to create an app that automatically creates a table from a brief according to the client’s instructions. For this to work, the brief form had to have a standard structure. So, the first step was to unify the brief for all dynamic campaigns – it was necessary that the instructions always arrived in exactly the same way.

The development of the application therefore not only helped us become faster and more accurate, but also standardised the briefing process for the client, making it simpler and more efficient for them to get what they want.

That sounds like a win-win. With your app making it easier for clients to brief banner campaigns that use dynamic creative optimization, what benefits can they expect?

From my point of view, the main benefits are great flexibility, speed and price. What used to take several hours of manual work can be done almost instantly and automatically across various formats with DCO. As a result, DCO banners result in huge savings for us and our clients, and a significant increase in quality.

Plus, we are currently working on a chatbot that sits directly in a banner for a car configurator for Ford. There are no limits to the imagination when DCO is this smooth and quick.

That’s fantastic. Dare I ask what you have in the pipeline regarding your next innovation?

I am currently working on another app that automates data table updates for dynamic creative optimization to simplify the process when it’s not possible to simply create a new table. We are also planning a major project for the complex management of our code, but it is still in preparation, so I don’t want to reveal anything specific.

But, if you want to get more involved and learn more about what we do, I’ve planned external trainings in Node.JS and React for 2020. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please come along. It’s always important for developers to put time aside for education and development, especially given how quickly technology moves nowadays.

Yes, I agree, we all need to keep ahead of the curve where we can. Finally, do you have a message for our employees, a few words of magical motivation that helps you do the great work you’re doing?

If you’re a young person in this company, don’t be afraid to bring your ideas to the table. And, use your superiors for guidance and advice. I’ve benefitted myself from doing this, and the friendly opportunities to do this is one of the reasons I like working at Wunderman Thompson.

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